In Defense of Squarespace Logo

A few quick thoughts on the, I’ll say it, total overreaction by the design community in response to Squarespace’s new logo builder:

They built a product to solve a customer problem.

As we well know, there are a lot of business and site owners that are not proficient at the Adobe Creative Suite. Some of those folks use Squarespace and want their site/blog/business to have something not-made-in-MS-Paint-by-their-cousin. Good on Squarespace for making something that meets a need.

Hating Squarespace Logo is hating solving problems for customers. You don’t hate customers do you? :)

The people using Squarespace Logo were never going to hire you

These folks can’t afford to pay you fifty grand for a great logo. They can’t afford a web designer either. That’s why they’re using Squarespace. They just want something that looks cleaner than if they did it themselves or farmed it out to a family member. They’d love to hire you, but you’re too expensive.

People who care about design and have the means will still hire you. They will not use this product. And that’s okay. It’s not for them. Or you. I guarantee Squarespace would love for their customers to become successful enough to pay you an exorbitant sum for a really thoughtful branding system.

This doesn’t cheapen your work.

Anymore than Squarespace’s web themes cheapen mine.

So yeah, take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay. In fact, the Internet is going to look a little nicer than before. :)


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